TR Imports 12 Gauge EVOBT Bullpup 3 inch 18 in 3 Tubes + Breacher 5+1 Capacity Steel Clip Fed M1913 Rail Flip Up Detachable Sights Chrome Bore & Chamber


From a distributor closeout comes this bullpup style semi auto shotgun. This is the EVO-BT. Manufacturer is Barathrum Arms Defence of Konya, in the flea bag republic of turkey which does business with russia to the detriment of the United States. This is a closeout, then, that we will not stock any more. Importer and warrantor is TR Imports of Fort Worth. Type is Italian designed inertia operated semi-automatic shotgun in a compact bullpup package. The turks have no real legacy of firearms expertise, except for firing on Eastern Orthodox Christians like their bedfellow putin. Construction is steel barrel, bolt, magazine tube, recoil mechanism and internal parts built into an alloy receiver with hard polymer sights; and with rubber recoil pad and pistol grip. Chambering is 12 gauge for 2 3/4 inch or 3 inch shells interchangeably, and this class shotgun generally requires a breakin period before cycling lighter loaded shells. Note the left side extra operation handle, shells can be chambered ambidextrously. Bore and chamber are chrome lined, in Italian fashion. Barrel is 18 1/2 inches with Beretta Mobil Choke threads. It comes furnished with a total of 6 choke tubes. Installed is a .718 4 Slash Improved Cylinder tube; along with packaged .723 5 Slash Cylinder Bore, .704 3 Slash Modified, .687 2 slash Improved Modified, and .684 Single Slash mark Full Choke. The breacher apparatus is attached to a cylinder tube and threads the same as the other tubes. Choke tube wrench is winged type multi gauge as the photos show. Barrel housing has a series of 17 lateral ports on both sides for heat dissipation. Included is a 4 5/8 inch long over-barrel shroud that can replace the front barrel collar. Spanner wrench is included for that operation. Sights are flip up elevation adjustable post style front and matching windage adjustable dual aperture type rear. Front sight mounts on an integral 6 slot rail, while the rear rests on a 19 slot M1913 Picatinny rail. Note the two laterally mounted 5 slot rails on the forward housing area of the shotgun. Forend or forward rest is also underside rail mounted. Magazines included are 1 short 2 shot and longer 5 shot metal body, with steel springs, and with polymer floorplates and shell followers. The red chamber spacer is handy for loading the magazines since shotgunshells will catch on each other’s brass during the loading process. 10 Round Magazines are commonly available, we even had some for sale at press time on this ad. Importer guarantees magazine compatibility with Rock Island, Panzer Arms, MKA1919, BR99, and FR98/99 Shotgun magazines. Magazine release is right side AR type; and slide release is similarly AR style on the left side. Safety lever is AR style as well, left side mounting beside the trigger. Trigger is .220 smooth faced skeleton style, photo specimen pulled at 4 1/2 pounds with minimal felt creep and moderate overtravel. Weight empty is 8 pound 9 ounces with conventional tube; 8 12 with the breacher installed; and 8 13 with the barrel shroud installed. Length of pull is 15 1/2 inches from the trigger face to the end of the rubber recoil pad. Overall length is 28 inches with standard tube, 29 with the shroud, and 31 with the breacher. Drop is 1 inch from the rail, or 2 inches from the raised sights. Finish is matte black, anodized alloy, matte blue and matching black rubber. Each EVO-BT comes in its foam lined plastic case with all 6 tubes, collar, and wrench; with trigger spacer, chamber spacer, total of two magazines, spanner wrench, allen wrenches, protective wrappers, and user manual that includes importer’s statement of two year warranty. Replacement pricing on this shotgun is $672 on trimports com. We’re offering them each, however, on closeout, each for only $ 339.00. Not transferable to civilian residents of California, Connecticut, District of Colombia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or New York. No returns on any new items.
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