TriStar Arms 12 ga Cobra III Force Tactical Pump 3 Inch 20 Inch Rail Ghost Ring Fiber Optic Front PG Combat Stock 23162


Here is an exceptional buy from a distributor closeout. This is the Kral / Tri Star Cobra III Force, Security shotgun, modeled after the Benelli parent guns. The turks have no real legacy of firearms expertise, except for firing on Eastern Orthodox Christians like their bedfellow putin. Manufacturer is Armsan Weapons, of istanbull, in the flea bag republic of turkey which does business with russia to the detriment of the United States. Importer and warrantor is Tri Star Sporting Arms of North Kansas City, Missouri. Type is pump or slide action shotgun with spring assisted return. Construction is steel barrel, bolt, magazine tube, slide bar mechanism and internal parts built into an alloy receiver with hard polymer rear sight and trigger housing. Buttstock and forend are hard polymer with rubber recoil pad. Barrel is 20 inches with a rather tight, .6930 muzzle Improved Modified, ported choke tube. Thread is Beretta Mobil Choke type, and importer advertises and delivers consumer direct basis on choke tubes and recommendations therefore. Bore is Not chrome lined, so no deterioration worries with buckshot. Chambering is for 12 gauge shells, 2 3/4 inch and 3 inch interchangeably. Sight system is rail based aperture or Ghost Ring type. Front sight is Welded saddle type with red fiber optic center that is wing protected. Rear sight system has a 16 slot M1913 or Picatinny type rail attached to the receiver, and the rear sight proper is detrachable aperture type hard polymer that is windage and elevation adjustable. Magazine mouth measures at 12 inches from the receiver face; magazine capacity is 5 + 1 on 2 3/4 inch; or 4 + 1 on 3 inch. Inner magazine cap has a Benelli type port, so Benelli Metal or Mossberg Wood type two shot adapters will drop in, although neither is included. The magazine tube has an integral mouth area rim to ensure compliance with the US State Department’s rules. Trigger is .245 smooth faced; the photo specimen pulled at 7 1/2 pounds with minimal felt creep and moderate overtravel. Safety is for right hand shooters, positioned behind the trigger. Shell carrier is Benelli type slotted steel. Buttstock length of pull is 14 3/8 inches; Stock drop is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches measured by the sights, straight with no right hand cast. Note the 6 slot M1913 rail integral to the forend; buttstock has a phillips screw detent for the recoil pad that will readily admit a rear swivel stud. Overall length is 40 5/8 inches. Weight empty is 6 pounds 1 ounce, centered at the bolt. Finish is matte black. Each Cobra III Force comes in its factory box with stock sticker, hang tag, protective papers, and choke tube wrench; and with an instruction manual that includes the importer’s one year overall warranty, four year parts warranty, and factory registration card. Replacement pricing on tristararms com is $365. We’re offering these versatile, light, well made shotguns each, however, for only $ 239.00.
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