Remington .22 S-L-LR model 34 Tube Fed 1933 Mfg with 1970s Korea Bushnell 4x32, Weaver Side Mount Gray Metal Walnut Stock with Small Blemish


This listing is for the exact rifle in the photos. Here is an attractive Remington 581 Rifle, the plain Jane version of the legendary 541S Custom Sporter. Manufacturer was Remington Arms of Ilion, NY. Production ran from 1933 until 1937 only. From its PB date code, it was manufactured in June of 1933. Type is take down, tube fed bolt action rimfire target rifle. Chambering is .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle interchangeably. Magazine holds 15 round of .22 Long Rifle, 17 rounds of Long, or 21 rounds of .22 Short caliber ammunition. Construction is steel metal, with thin line one piece American walnut stock. Barrel is 24 inch one piece medium tapered, .557 outside diameter at the muzzle; .703 osd at the forend; and .750 at the receiver. Muzzle is round crowned; and rifling is six groove right hand 1:16. Sight positions have the original dovetails, with a low ivory tipped Marble’s front and only the base remaining for the rear sight. Receiver has two screw secured #2 Weaver Side Base, and three additional drill and tap positions visible from an earlier mounting. Base and ring assembly are 1970s black anodized with two screw steel tops, 1 inch rings, that secure a 1970s Korea made 4x32 Bushnell #4873 waterproof scope. The operator of this rifle had its scope canted about 10 degrees left for a Jimmy Stewart type tilted sighting position. Trigger is .175 smooth faced steel, and pulls at an extremely light, touchy 3/4 ounce pull with no felt creep and minimal overtravel. Safety is right side of the bolt, forward safe and rearward fire like the Marlins of its period. Stock is one piece hardwood, with 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch drop past the Monte Carlo; 13 1/4 inch length of pull; and 3/4 inch right hand cast. Overall length is 42 1/4 inches. Weight empty with the scope removed is 5 pounds 10 ounces, centered at the takedown screw. Metal finish is gun metal gray with extensive but light brown freckling, and well preserved chrome plating to the bolt handle and cowl, and to the trigger. Note the corner sliver missing from the butt’s heal area. Apart from that, Wood is original oil finish with even wear. We rate this rifle as Good Condition , but photos ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. See Joseph Von Benedikt’s “Remington Model 34: A Mechanically Unique Bolt-Action Repeater” in July’s Shooting Times. We’re offering this well made little historic piece for only $ 289.00.
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