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Retay 12 gauge GPS Tactical Pump Shotgun 3 inch 18 1/2 in White Dot Slotted Sights Black Matte Benelli Nova Class Type GPSTAC18 with 3 Choke Tubes & Wrench

Here is one of the best values in a home defense type shotgun; and it will serve well for hunting too. This is the new Retay GPS Tactical, modeled aft...

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TR Imports 12 Gauge EVOBT Bullpup 3 inch 18 in 3 Tubes + Breacher 5+1 Capacity Steel Clip Fed M1913 Rail Flip Up Detachable Sights Chrome Bore & Chamber

From a distributor closeout comes this bullpup style semi auto shotgun. This is the EVO-BT. Manufacturer is Barathrum Arms Defence of Konya, in the f...