Century Arms USMC 36 inch NCO Sword Gold & Stainless Replica Correct dimensions United States Marines Commemorative, Ceremonial Brass & imitation Leather Coated Scabbard 16003


Here is a close, proportionately correct replica of the US Marine Corps’s Non Commissioned Officer Sword. Manufacturer is Ruian JT Sword Co., Ltd., of Wenzhou, People’s Republic of China. Importer is Century Arms of Fairfax, VT. Construction is one piece steel blade with brass wire bound imitation leather handle material, and with molded polymer hand guard. Scabbard is polymer frame wrapped in stitched imitation leather, with brass plated chape and finial point and brass throat and locket with frog stud. Overall length is 35 inches; 29 inches of exposed blade that is 13/16 inch wide on its main body; and .155 blade thickness. Curvature bow is 1 3/4 inches at midsection from the point and guard point. Sword weight is 23.2 ounces, balanced 5 inches forward of the guard; scabbard weight is 18.3 ounces. Finish is polished surface chrome plated steel with matte lettering and inlay patterns; polished surface furniture, and gold colorized guard finish. Both obverse and reverse of the blade has United States Marines in inlaid lettering, with Betsy Ross Flag, USMC Logo, and engraving patterns. Reverse has the word Proved stamped inside a Six Corner Star of David pattern, interestingly. This was a limited edition Century Arms import from 2012. Each sword comes in its Century Arms box with felt wrapper. We’re offering these beautiful swords each for only $ 59.00.
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