Beretta 9mm M1951 9 Shot All Steel 1969Production Italian Carabinieri Excellent Condition 1 Magazine C&R CA OK with Extra Magazine Special Offer


This listing is for the exact pistol in the photos. Here is the direct ancestor of all 9mm Beretta Pistols, the Model of 1951, or M1951. Manufacturer was Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta, S.p.A. of Gardone, Italy. All its numbers are matching. From its frame markings, it was manufactured in 1969. Type is single action, hammer fired, locked breech semi automatic pistol. Construction is entirely steel metal with polymer grips. Barrel is 4 1/2 inches, with 6 groove right hand 1:10 rifling. Chambering is 9mm Parabellum; magazine holds 8 rounds, so 8 + 1 fully loaded capacity. Slide is open top with rear lateral serrations. Sights are integral half moon front, with dovetailed notched blade rear that is drift adjustable only for windage. Trigger is .235 smooth faced, pulls two stage at 7 pounds vicinity with minimal felt creep. Safety is cross frame serrated head for right handed shooters, and only engages with the hammer fully cocked. .300 serrrated spur Hammer has resting, half cock, and full cock positions. The 1951 does not have any magazine safety; it will fire single shot with no magazine. Slide is .98 thick; height 5 1/2 inches from sight to finger rest; length 8 inches from muzzle to strut. Weight is 32 ounces, centered at the breech face. The 1951 has never been bested for its ergonomics. Finish is polished surface blued steel. Grips are factory Beretta black serrated polymer. Trigger guard is importer stamped. This pistol served with the Italian State Police, the Carabinieri, until its late 1970s retirement when it was replaced by the 92S. Surface detractions are minimal, principally occasional finish freckling. We rate this pistol as Excellent, 90 percent vicinity by our estimate. Photos, at any rate, ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. Photos will show the bore condition. From the moderate amount of slide contact whitening to the barrel surfaces, we estimate this Beretta has been fired fewer than 2000 times, no rounds at all for an M1951. These pistols have never been plentiful in the United States, and often price out at upwards of $1,000. We’re offering the domestic Italian Beretta M1951 in the photos, however, for only $ 359.00. Not transferable to non C&R civilians in Massachusetts. Add any number of extra Triple K magazines only $31 each.
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