Beretta .380 model of 1934 Blue Steel 1942 WWII Axis Issue G-VG Italian Army Stamped


From a local private collection comes this serviceable and collectable Beretta model of 1934 pistol. Manufacturer is Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. of Gardone, Italy. From its date code on the slide, it was manufactured in 1942. It is not import stamped, and probably is a Veteran bring back. Italian Royal Army RE stamping graces the left side of frame beside the strut. Type is blowback single action semi automatic pistol. Construction is entirely steel metal, with composite grip panels inlaid into steel backs. Barrel is 3 3/8 inches, with six groove right hand 1:9.84 rifling. Sights are classic Beretta slide-integral blade front sight with dovetailed steel notch rear. Safety is left side mounted, for a right handed shooter, and safety will engage with the hammer back and with hammer at rest. The 1934 also has a magazine safety; it will Not fire single shot with no magazine. Magazine is steel finger rest; capacity is 7 rounds of .380 ACP Ammunition, 9mm Kurz in German, or 9mm Corto in Italian, as marked. Release is European style on the butt. Trigger is .235 smooth faced, with a .265 Walther type hammer. Weight is 23 1/2 ounces, centered at the breech face. Overall length is 6 inches, with 4 1/2 inches height. Slide thickness is .856 inch. Finish is polished surface blued steel. Surface detractions are moderate to extensive, principally extensive finish freckling on the left side, much of which is etchy. We rate this pistol as Good Condition, 70 percent vicinity by our estimate. Photos ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. Bore is frosty looking toward the rear, but no pitting; mechanism is clean. We’re offering it for only $ 589.00. Not transferable to non C&R civilians in Massachusetts.
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