US GI type Holster WWI Repro 1917 Revolver 5 inch Half Flap and Stud closure Brown Leather Belt Slot Carry Accommates 4 inch Medium and Large Revolvers


This listing is for ONE Holster. Here is a very nice Replica of the U.S. Army issued holsters for Smith & Wesson and Colt Revolvers that went into service in World War I, and that continued their service in World War II as the Smith & Wesson or Colt models of 1917. They are also correct for Colt Model of 1889 Navy and its descendants from 1892, 1894, 1896, 1901, 1903, New Army, and New Navy. It will accommodate tapered barrel large caliber Smith & Wesson Hand Ejectors in .38 to .45 and .455 caliber, especially the .45 Hand Ejector model of 1917 and its descendants .45 Hand Ejector Commercial and Brazilian Contract. in 4 inch or 5 inch tapered barrels. It will accept the Colt Commando or Offical Police revolvers. This holster will fit any Smith & Wesson K Frame 4 or 5 inch revolver with a tapered barrel. It was designed for a Right Hand Shooter, to be worn on the right side or right handed cross draw from the left side. A left handed shooter would probably wear it on the left side for a reverse type draw. Manufacturer is Surya Company of Dehradun, Republic of India. Construction is .155 thick tanned and brown dyed Moroccan style genuine cow leather, just like the originals. Belt slot will accommodate up to a 2 1/2 inch wide belt. Flap stud is brass. Dimensions are exactly like the originals, from the top of the flap to the US stamp to the stitched and bradded muzzle. We’re offering these excellent Replica holsters each for only $ 34.00. Any ammunition, magazines, firearms, or personnel in photos are Not included.
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