Browning Hi-Power Holster World War II German type Brown Leather Flap with Magazine Pouch Waffenamt Markings CZ75 Round Trigger Guard Only Witness


Here is a very nice replica of the German Army issued holsters for John Moses Browning’s 1935 Hi-Power pistols that went into service in World War II while the German Army occupied Belgium and controlled the FN Plant in Herstal. Photo specimens and their identical mates are some we found in an old Appalachian Warehouse recently. Manufacturer is Surya Company of Dehradun, Republic of India. This holster will fit any Browning Hi-Power type pistol with a round, not square, trigger guard; whose barrel measures 4 11/16 inches or shorter; and that includes the FEG clones made in Hungary. Construction is .155 thick tanned Moroccan style genuine no-longer-sacred India cow leather. Flap stud, instead of being brass like the originals, is glossy aluminum alloy, and it’s good enough. Magazine pouch is matching leather, and stitching is all in white cotton cord, very closely stitched. Dimensions of the Hi-Power are 7 1/2 inches from muzzle to grip frame strut; .785 lateral slide thickness at the muzzle; 4 1/4 inches from the grip frame strut to the trigger guard face. The FEG showing in some of our photos is a perfect fit, of course. This holster will also accept the FEG Double Action model GKK92 in 9mm; it will fit CZ75 Pistols and their Turkish made clones like the E.A.A. Witnesses chambered in 9mm, so long as they have a round trigger guard. It will NOT fit a Beretta 92, will NOT fit a Smith & Wesson 5900, will not fit a CZ75 type pistol with square faced trigger guard. It will only fit Browning Hi-Power and dimensionally similar pistols with round trigger guards, whose dimensions we have given above. Color, as the photos show, is reddish brown leather finish. Markings include original Waffenamt type gxy 1944 for a Dresden based holster supplier to the German Army, WaA920 marking under a crudely stamped eagle. We’re offering these excellent Replica holsters, the ones in the photos or their identical mates, each for only $ 34.00.
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