Browning BAR Factory 4 Shot Magazines for .243 .308 calibers Old Model Pre 1994 B.A.R. Short Action No Mk II Browning Automatic Rifle Pre-Mark II Long Action 243 308 1320091 Buy 3 Ships Free!


NO MAGAZINE SALES into NEW YORK CITY. CONNECTICUT residents must furnish us a copy of your CT Eligibility Permit or ammunition certificate. >>> This listing is for ONE Magazine. Buy 3 Ships Free: Combine any 3 of our non gun non ammo listing lots, and the entire order ships Free! The old model Browning B.A.R. Semi-auto Sporting rifles were such good guns that there are literally tens of thousands of them still in service, and there will be during most of our shoppers’ lifetimes. In 1994, Browning changed production to the Mark II series with a bolt release lever. If your rifle is an old model Browning Semi Automatic with no lever on its side, chambered in .243 Winchester, or .308 Winchester caliber, here is your replacement magazine. Browning serialization and years of production is readily available at proofhouse com, and the old model BAR was manufactured 1967 – 1993. Magazine manufacturer was Mec-Gar s.r.l. of Brescia, Italy. Importer, warrantor, and exclusive distributor was Browning Arms of Arnold, MO. Construction is entirely steel metal, with black polymer cartridge follower. Each magazine holds 4 rounds of .243 Winchester or .308 Winchester caliber ammunition. Browning never made an old model BAR in 7mm-08 caliber, but if anyone rebarreled one of the old rifles for that caliber, these would work. These magazines will NOT work in any other caliber Browning. Each comes in its original factory packaging, as the photos show. Production of these magazines were discontinued over 10 years ago. Replacement pricing, if a person can even find one, is upwards of $75.00. We’re offering the last ones, however, each for only $53.00.
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