Triple K Leather Holster Secret Agent 420105 S&W SD M&P HK 2000 Sig P220 P226 Glock 20 21 29 30 Thumb Break Right Hand Brown Walnut Oil 3 ship Free!


This listing is for ONE Holster. Buy any combination of 3 non gun non ammo items, and shipping is Free for the entire order lower 48. Here is Triple K's standard Carry Lite holster for Smith & Wesson M&P Series, Glocks, HK USP and 2000, Sig P220 P224 P225 P226, Ruger P85 P89 P90 P91 P93 P94, and P95. Manufacturer is Triple K Manufacturing of San Diego. Type is high ride thumb break, on the order of the Bianchi Black Widow. Construction is single ply, .140 inch thick leather, with brass and steel snap assembly, and with close stitched cotton cord. This holster will accommodate Glocks, Sigs, and Rugers actually better than it does the Smith & Wesson M&P and SD Series Pistols; the thumb strap is slightly loose on the Smith & Wessons. It will NOT fit well with any single action pistol, or with any Beretta, or with a first or second generation Smith & Wesson 39, 4000, or 59 series pistol. A person wanting it to fit one of those needs to know how to wet and shrink a leather thumb strap. It will fit onto a belt width of up to 1 1/2 inches; and sets the pistol with a 35 degree forward cant. Finish is smooth dressed but unlined interior, white cord, and walnut oil brown external surface. Each holster comes in its factory package with owner's manual and statement of warranty. Replacement pricing is $60 or more on triplek com, and upwards of $100 for a similar Bianchi. We're offering the holster in the photos , however, or one of its identical mates, for only $ 36.00. Any firearms, personnel, or ammunition in the photos are Not included. $3.00 First Class Mail to Lower 48. $10 AK, HI, & PR. Buy 3 and shipping is FREE. Orders that qualify will have the shipping removed BEFORE we charge your card. Small light non-gun items ride free with ammo or gun orders. Checks OK, 7 day hold. Website Orders,, MC, Visa, Discover phone- or fax-in 7 3 1 9 8 9 4 7 2 3 orders, USPS Money Order items shipped ASAP please put your full information, item number, and what the item is on any messages. Phone hours8:00 - 400 CST Mon - Fri. Robertson Trading Post 117 Front Street PO Box 365 Henderson, Tennessee 38340. We buy, sell, and trade. Always have, since 1952.
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