Ruger .22 LR Wrangler 4 5/8 inch Black Cerakote, Blue, and Chrome with slightly misfitting Oversized Hogue Rubber Finger Groove Grips New 02002


Please note that this revolver comes with a new set of Hogue Finger Groove Grips, complete with instructions, screw, and stirrup. Hogue says that this is the correct grip for the Wrangler, same as Single Six and Blackhawk, yet the Hogue grips leave portions of backstrap exposed. Otherwise, here is another addition to Ruger’s economy department, the Wrangler Single Action Rimfire Revolver. Construction is steel barrel, cylinder, trigger, hammer, rods, screws, and internal parts assembled into a Zamac alloy two part frame. Barrel is 4 5/8 inch one piece cold forged, with 1:14 Right Hand six groove rifling. Sight is pressed in, traditional welded blade front with frame integral fixed notch rear. Cylinder chambering is six rounds of .22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle ammunition interchangeably, with counterbored or recessed rear face; and no, Virginia, it cannot be readily fitted with a magnum cylinder. Cylinder rotates when the rather stiff loading gate is opened. Mechanism does not have any half cock position. Ignition is flat hammer face against transfer bar safety device, against floating firing pin. Trigger is .288 wide smooth faced, with matching .298 serrated spur hammer. Photo specimen pulled at 5 1/4 pounds with minimal felt creep. Grip frame is alloy Single Six size, with slightly misfitting Hogue number 83000 Finger Groove Rubber grips. Overall length is 10 1/4 inches, with 5 3/4 inches height and 1.39 inches cylinder thickness. Weight empty is 31 ounces, centered at the cylinder stop. Finish is brushed surface blued cylinder and pin, satin stainless ejector rod, trigger, hammer, and transfer bar; and with cerakote finish balance. Each of our Wranglers, then, come with factory box, Ruger cable lock, instruction manual, Ruger online spiff cards, NRA enrollment card, and Blackhawk service card; in addition, we are including the Hogue Grips. their screw and stirrup, their factory insert card, and their blue instruction manual. Replacement pricing for a Wrangler is $249 on ruger com, and it is not offered with these type of grips. If a buyer has expertise in installing Hogue Monogrips, their can perhaps be improved upon. We’re offering our unique version of the Wrangler, then, with new but slightly misfit Hogue grips, each for only $ 219.00. Not transferable to civilian residents of Minnesota.
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