Charter Arms Factory Revolver Grips Small Magna Size Smooth Finish Walnut Undercover Bulldog Off Duty Undercoverette Unissued 1990s Ansonia Production


This listing is for One set of grips. Buyers, however, may take any number of extras we have on hand at the same per-set price and with no additional shipping charges. Here are old stock factory grips to fit any Charter Arms Revolver besides the Dixie Derringer. Charter grip frames are all the same, so these will work with Bulldog, Off Duty, Undercover, Undercoverette, Chic Lady, Pink Lady, any of the standard sized revolvers. Type is service or concealment style, Magna in Smith & Wesson terminology. These grips will readily accommodate a Tyler T Grip Adapter as well as a speedloader. Manufacturer was Charter Arms Corporation, Charco, of Ansonia, CT. These are old stock panels with new replacement screws. Construction is American Walnut with plain oil semi gloss finish on their smooth surfaces. Medallions are nickel plated bronze alloy. Screws and escutcheons are stainless steel. They are period correct for any Charter manufactured from 1964 up until about 2006, and they give a traditional look to current production Charter Revolvers that issued with black rubber grips. Charter factory grips are always tight fitting, best to insert the grip frame’s butt pin into each panel’s hole and work it back and forth before installing, as the one photo shows. Similar grips command prices of $50 or more. We’re offering these Factory Walnut magnas, however, complete with screw and escutcheons, per set at only $ 26.00. Any ammunition, revolvers, Tyler T Grip Adapters, Smith & Wesson Screwdrivers, or personnel showing in our photos are Not included. The Tyler #1 Grip Adapter for Smith & Wesson J Frame Round Butt is a decent fit, please see our separate ad for those.
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