US Made Red Top 2 Piece Box fits S&W 4 to 6 1/2 inch K L or N Frame Revolvers, 1911 Government Size, 5 1/2 inch 41, 6 7/8 inch Rugers


This listing is for One Red Topped Box. Here are attractive yet economical boxes to fit most medium large framed revolvers and semi automatic pistols with barrels up to 6 7/8 inches. Their coloration is reminiscent of the 1940s Smith & Wesson 2 Piece Red Boxes, so they are somewhat period correct for World War II to Vietnam Period Production handguns. They are attractive for any handgun or similar sized collectable. Manufacturer was an Ohio subcontractor to Faultless Starch, of all places. These boxes are new, only manufactured in 2008. Construction is pressure folded 2 ply cardboard top and bottom; top is overlaid with heavy red paper and the bottom with kraft type paper. Bottom thickness is .05 inch, and top thickness is .058 inch. Internal dimensions are 2 inches thickness or height by 7 inches width by 12 inches length. Outer dimensions are 2 1/4 by 7 3/8 by 12 3/8 inches. Weight is 5.6 ounces. These boxes are attractive and close to period style for many items, not just firearms, produced from the turn of the 20th century up until the 1970s. We’ve used many of them over the past 14 years. We’re offering them each for only $ 16.00.
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