Triple K Leather Confederate Replica Belt Brown Walnut Oil Finish with Army of Northern Virginia CS Egg type Brass Tone Belt Buckle Size Large New Style 52 inch by 2 inch


This listing is for ONE Belt with its buckle. Here is Triple K’s Civil War Replica belt with Confederate Buckle. Manufacturer is Triple K of San Diego and its subcontractors in nearby Tijuana. Style is Confederate Enlisted Man’s, with Army of Northern Virginia Egg type buckle. Construction is 2 inch wide, .160 inch thick genuine North America cow leather, with brass snap loop closure and with pewter and brass loop buckle. Finish is natural reverse side, and walnut oil dark brown obverse leather, with brass edge and lettering accents onto darkened pewter sruface. Retention closure is single tooth and loop, whereas the originals had trident shaped reverse side closure. Overall length on this Extra Large size is 52 inches, with retention holes at the 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, and 49 inch marks. This Extra Large matches a 40 vicinity pants size; our photographer wears size 40 pants and it buckles at the middle hole outside his overalls. Replacement pricing on similar quality belts approaches $100 with reenactment vendors. We’re offering the Triple K Large Confederate Belt and Buckle set each, however, for only $ 39.00.
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