Triple K Secret Agent Leather Holster fits S&W 640 642 638 Hammerless Snubs Ruger Charter Taurus 5 Shot SP101 LCR


This listing is for ONE Holster. Here is Triple K's Secret Agent series concealment holster to fit hammerless small frame revolvers like the Smith & Wesson 640 and 642 Centennials.. Manufacturer is Triple K Manufacturing of San Diego. Type is high ride thumb break, on the order of the Bianchi Black Widow. Construction is single ply, .140 inch thick leather, with brass and steel snap assembly, and with close stitched cotton cord. This holster will accommodate any Smith & Wesson small J Frame revolver; its design, however, is specifically for hammerless models 38, 40, 42, 48, 638, 640, and 642. It fits Ruger 5 shot SP101 Revolvers with factory bobbed hammers, so long as the owner has strength and patience to allow a few days worth of stretch time. It will fit Charter Arms and even Colt Hammerless small revolvers as well. It will fit onto a belt width of up to 1 1/2 inches; and sets the pistol with a 35 degree forward cant. Finish is smooth dressed but unlined interior, white cord, and walnut oil brown external surface. Replacement pricing is $60 or more on triplek com, and upwards of $100 for a similar Bianchi. We're offering the holster in the photos , however, or one of its identical mates, for only $ 36.00. Any firearms, personnel, or ammunition in the photos are Not included.
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