Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield 9mm Flat Thin Sub Compact NIB 8 Shot 2 Magazines S&W MA OK 10# Trigger 18017 ($377 if no Credit Card)


(Note: $377, 3% off, if payment is by check or money order and not credit card) Here is Smith & Wesson's smallest M&P series pistol, the MP9 Shield Subcompact. Manufacturer and warrantor is Smith & Wesson of Springfield, MA. Type is striker fired pocket pistol. Construction is steel barrel, slide, sights, levers, magazine body, springs, and internal parts with steel reinforced polymer frame, trigger, slide plate, and magazine follower and floorplates. Caliber is 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9x19, call it what you will, THE 9mm. Barrel is 3.1 inches, with five groove ECM 1:9 rifled bore, good to go on well made lead bullets where German and Austrian pistols are not. Slide is beveled one piece with rear lateral serrations. Guide rod assembly is retractable full length steel. Sights are dovetailed front and rear, three dot modified Novak type, drift adjustable only for windage, with a 5.3 inch sight radius. Slide measures .900 thin behind the ejection port, and the frame measures .955 thin at its back extreme strut area. Grip frame is 18 degree angle, with bordered stippled surfaces fore and aft, extending up to the magazine release. Trigger is .323 width, 3 piece with lower half center safety and travel stop, and with a short 3/4 inch, consistent 10 pound pull. The Shield has a firing pin / drop safety, and a left side low profile lever safety for right handed shooters. It does NOT have any magazine safety; that is, it will still fire single shot even without a magazine inserted. Small automatics like this one are not designed for the weak of hand or faint of heart. This pistol comes with a total of two stainless bodied magazines, as the photos show: an extended 8 shot and a flush fitting 7 rounder. Overall length is 6.1 inches; height is 4 7/8 inches with the 8 rounder, and 4 3/8 inches with the 7 round mag. Weight empty is 19 ounces, centered behind the disassembly lever. Finish is black Melonite coated stainless slide and barrel, with matching frame coloration. Each Shield comes in its black factory cardboard box with red cable lock, protective wrapper, instruction manual, factory registration card, chamber protector, and total of two magazines. Replacement pricing on smith-wesson com is $490. We’re offering the S&W MP9 Shield in the photos, however, or one of its identical mates, each for only $ 389.00. (or $377 if no credit card) Not transferable to civilian residents of California. >> $20 USPS Priority, insured. Registered buyer must be the actual buyer, it is a felony to falsify purchaser information. Email ffl to john at robertson trading post com or f a x 7 3 1 9 8 9 4 7 2 3. Robertson Trading Post, Henderson, TN, Serving the Mid-South since 1952, in Elvis Land, between Tupelo and Memphis. We buy, sell, and trade, but We don't trade grips, holsters, scopes, mounts, parts, or magazines unless there's a lot of them. >>> (California) WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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