Sile Italian Walnut Grips for H&R 926 & 999 Revolvers Harrington & Richardson Old Stock 1980s Production


Here are old stock Grips to fit H&R models 926 second model and 999 Sportsman Revolvers, but only those variants manufactured from 1973 until 1986 known as the N series. Serial Number letter prefixes for years of production are 1973 AL; 1974 AM; 1975 AN; 1976 AP; 1977 AR; 1978 AS; 1979 AT; 1980 AU;1981 AV;1982 AW; 1983 AX; 1984 AY; and 1985 AZ. Manufacturer was Sile s.r.l. of Treviso, Italy. We estimate these grips were manufactured in the mid 1980s and never made it into the production room by the time the original H&R folded and the Revolver series discontinued in 1986. Construction is two piece Italian Walnut, with Nickel finished Medallions bearing Bonelli’s Eagle. Screws are not included, and we do not have any. Finish is dark stain oil finish. We do not have the screws or the hardware. These will Not work unless a person has it, or the ability to make it. We're offering each set for only $ 33.00. >>>>> First Class Mail, or $10 Priority. Buy 3 Ships Free: Combine any 3 of our items, and get free shipping. Excludes long gun barrels, swords and gun cases. $10 Priority on those, combined. >> No returns on this new item. Robertson Trading Post, on Historic Front Street in Henderson Tennessee, in Elvisland, 90 miles east of Memphis and 75 miles north of Tupelo. We've been around here since 1952. >>> We don't trade grips, holsters, scope mounts, parts, or magazines unless there's a lot of them. >>> (California) WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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