Thompson Center Contender Serialization Serial Number Dates


We aren't trying to sell anything with this ad. Please keep your NRA dues current, give them donations, as well as the other defenders of our rights. Serialization for Thompson / Center firearms is problematic. We apologize because we did not record the serial numbers off all the muzzleloaders we sold over the past forty some odd years. We further apologize that we will not be able to take questions or date guns for everyone, we don't have time for that, and our Mr. Sullivan simply cannot forward and reply. We do welcome new and reliable information on Thompson Center serialization. Here are simply notes we have taken from our A&D Firearms records since 1969. The used specimens we have marked, but a fairly good rule of thumb is that they were usually 1 to 3 years old. GGS is George's Gun Shop, a distributor in Louisville that we did business with from the 1950s until Mr. Hoferkamp's retirement in the late 1990s. EB is Ellett Brothers. Mid-South is Mid South Shooters Supply in New Market, TN. SGI was Shiloh Guns, a Mississippi Distributor. OSHI and Dayton GH were Ohio distributors. Notes, then, as follows: "Target" .45/.410 #89xx, 90xx, 90xx Dayton GH 9/12/69 Contender .45/.410 #118xx 2/70 Dayton GH Contender .44 Mag # 239xx 1/74 DGH Contender Frame # 441xx 11/75 OSHI Contender .44 Mag 1069xx 2/79 EB Co Contender .35 120000 (2) 4/79 Mid-South Cont. Hornet 1245xx 5/79 OSHI Contender FRame new 2685xx 12/3/85 SGI Corinth MS Cont. .30-30 2472xx used 6/87 ca. 1986 Cont. .223 2948xx used 6/87 ca. 1986 Cont. .22 LR 2809xx used 6/87 ca. 1986 Cont. .22 2331xx used 8/87 ca. 1985 2430xx .222 SGI 5/87 A71xx .44 GGS 6/87 Cont. .44 3719xx 3/91 GGS Cont. .35 3818xx 9/91 GGS Cont. .35 Sts S0149xx 7/94 GGS TCR-83 .223 31xx 1/84 SGI
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