Laser Bore Sighter for .300 Win Mag Rifles Barrel Chamber Mounted Aim Sports PJBS300W New with Batteries


Here is Aim Sports's field bore sighter for any rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum Caliber. Manufacturer is in the world’s most populous nation. Importer and warrantor is Aim Sports of Ontario, CA. Importer number is PJBS300W Laser Sighter. Internal laser production unit specs are 635 to 655 nanometer wavelength, 5 megawatts strength. It uses 5 number LR41 batteries, included. Construction is solid brass body, same dimensions as a .300 Winchester Magnum Cartridge case. Weight is 1 3/4 ounces. This device turns on by tightening its threaded case head section, inserts into the rifle's chamber, and enables a hunter to check his or her zero in the field. Experienced hunters know not to dry fire their rifles on devices like these, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's just for quick checking, prolonged on position will deplete the batteries. Each laser comes in its factory box with batteries and protective packaging. Replacement pricing on aimsportsinc com is $35.00. We're offering the unit in the photos, however, or one of its identical mates, each for only $ 7.00. $3 Lower 48 First Class Mail Padded Envelope; $10 Priority to AK HI PR. First Class sometimes requires removing the item from its package.
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