German Leather Shoulder Holster for Makarov PPK P64 size pistols East German Police 1980s Production Excellent Orange Flap fits Beretta 1934 70 Tanfoglio .32 .380


Photos are representative, but buyers will receive a virtually identical holster from the same shipment. This listing is for ONE Holster. From service with the State Police in Cold War East German come these leather shoulder holsters designed for the Soviet designed PM Makarov Pistols. Manufacturer was one of the state suppliers, possibly Lerner of Bautzen. Construction is pig skin leather, smooth grain exterior and natural interior, orange rubberized grip frame cover, brown cotton cord stitching, cotton elastic harness material, with chrome plated steel tab, stud, and clasp plate. Weight empty is 4.2 ounces. Finish is smooth semi gloss natural color. Surface detractions are minimal, principally occasional storage darkening. We rate these holsters as Excellent condition, but photos should suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. These are right handed shooter holsters, with left side belt clip and harness system for the right shoulder. We estimate a maximum coat size of 48 for a wearer. Holster was designed for PM Makarov Pistols, Polish P64s, Walther PPK and similar size with round trigger guards. As the photos show, it will accommodate a 1934 Beretta .380, as well as Beretta 70 and 71, and the similarly contoured Tanfoglio .32 and .380 ACP Pistols imported by FIE, Excam, and EAA from the 1960s through the Millennial Year. This holster will Not accommodate a PP size pistol with a square trigger guard; will Not fit a Smith & Wesson Shield, will Not fit a Glock, will Not fit a J Frame Revolver. Muzzle space is 2 1/2 inches past the closure stud; holster width is about the same at the stud point. A pistol cannot, then fit this holster if its dimensions are much different from a Makarov or PPK Pistol. Maximum overall length will be 6 inches from muzzle to grip frame strut. Holster straps will wear in a variety of ways, please see photos. Replacement pricing for similar current production leather holsters ranges upwards of $100 apiece. We’re offering these West German Makarov / PPK holsters, each for only $ 19.00. Any personnel, ammo, or firearms in any of the photos are Not included.
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