Walther model PP or PPK/S New Triple K Vintage series Black Polymer 1974G PPKS


Here are correct grips for Walther Pistols model PP and PPK/S Pistols manufactured by Carl Walther in Germany, and for those imported by Interarms, chambered in .32 ACP or in .380 ACP calibers. If your pistol was manufactured by Smith & Wesson in Houlton, Maine, its serial number Should be lower than 1100BAB. If its number is 1101BAB or higher, they will not work. If your pistol has the word, Interarms, on the side of its slide, these will work. They will not fit the PPK because its grip frame is too short. They will not fit an FEG PA-63 clone; Will Not Fit a Radom P64 pistol; Will Not Fit a Sig P230; and they Will Not Fit the Handle Bars of a 1957 Schwinn Hornet Bicycle. They will only fit model PPK/S Pistols manufactured by Carl Walther, or the Interarms domestically produced PPK/S, made by Ranger Manufacturing in Alabama and stamped Interarms. If your Smith & Wesson made Walther’s pistol’s number is 1099BAB or Lower, they will work. Perpendicular measurement of height on each panel is 3 1/8 inches. Each set comes in its factory package. Screw is NOT included. We’re offering one of the sets in the photos or its identical mates, each for only $ 33.00.
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