Sig Sauer P6 P225 Factory Slide 1980s Production Black Ice Teflon Refinish P6PT with Sights Breech Block Not Included our 904740bi


This listing is for ONE Slide. Buy any 3 non gun non ammo lots and shipping on the entire order is free! Photos are representative, but buyer will receive a virtually identical slide to the photo specimens. From its career with the Federal West German Police comes this slide to fit the P6 German Pistols. It and its mates were used on training pistols whose barrels and breech blocks were plugged bydieBundespolizei Waffenmeister, the Federal Police Armorers. Manufacturer was Sig Sauer gmbh of Eckenforde, Germany. Production dates were late 1970s to early 1980s, and each slide is dated. The training pistols were the final pieces of the forty some odd thousand Federal West German Police issue P6 pistols that we and our colleagues have highly enjoyed selling for the past decade. Left side bears an importer mark, PW Arms, Redmond, WA., required by federal law. Construction is stamped and rolled steel, with rear serrations. Each slide comes with its original dovetailed front and rear steel sights. Breech blocks are Not included, we removed and scrapped the plugged ones. Breech blocks are presently readily available, however, from our colleagues in Ohio. This slide will NOT fit the new model P225A1 pistols released by Sig in 2015. They will Not work as is on a P228 because the trigger bar tab slot is positioned differently. They will only fit models P6 and P225 manufactured from the mid 1970s until 1998. These have department circular indentation marks on the right side. Finish is Black Ice teflon based dip process, professionally executed by our able friends in Utah. They were never finished before now; they shipped to us on pistols in the white. Sights are coated as well. Replacement pricing is $300 apiece or more on these. We’re offering one of the slides in the photos, however, or one of its virtually identical mates, each for only $ 89.00. We do Not have any barrels or breech blocks for these slides. We will, however, shortly be offering firing pins, springs, roll pins, and extractors for old model Sigs with rolled steel slides. Search term P6PT will bring up all our Sig parts on this venue.
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