Remington Factory 12 gauge Rem Choke Tube Turkey Extra Full .687 Muzzle Diameter R19609


This listing is for ONE Choke Tube. Here is Remington’s Turkey Extra Full Rem-choke tube for its standard 12 gauge Rem-Choke threaded barrels. Manufacturer was Remington Arms of Ilion, NY, and its subcontractors. Construction is Carbon Steel. Muzzle Diameter is .687, Extra Full and So marked. It is Not designed for steel shot or slugs. Finish is matte surface blued. It is designed for Remington Rem-Choke thread shotguns chambered in 12 gauge, and for shotguns that accept Rem-Chokes, including some, but not all, of the Turkish made shotguns imported by Charles Daly, Samco, and TriStar. It will Not fit a Remington ProBore shotgun, or any 20 gauge, or any other brands we know of. Replacement pricing for this tube on remington com is $36.00; and even more on some sites we have seen. Since these came from a South Carolina Distributor Liquidation, however, we’re offering them at deeply discounted prices. They are all new and unfired, repackaged from the original bulk shipment.
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