GI Replica Holster 1911 Pistols 45 Government Autos Black WWI WWII type GL007 Colt Government Issue type ALICE Compatible .45 ACP Pistols Cathey Enterprises Marked


This listing is for One holster; buyers, however, may take any number of extras we have on hand at the same per-holster price, and with no additional shipping charges. Here is a very nice Replica of the U.S. Army issued holsters for John Moses Browning’s 1911A1 pistol that went into service in World War I, and has now continued to protect and serve our country for more than a century. Photo specimens and their identical mates are some we found in an old Appalachian Warehouse recently. Marking on the back base of the flap section reads Cathey Enterprisers 7791466. This is period correct marking for one of the principal World War II Contractors, but this is a relatively recent production replica, Not an Original. We’ve seen a few of these being offered for originals by people who evidently don’t believe there is a place called Hell, as we believe there is. Manufacturer is Surya Company of Dehradun, Republic of India. This holster will fit any 1911 type pistol whose barrel measures 5 inches or shorter; and that includes everything from Armscors to Colts to Umarex .22 copies to Wilson Combat pistols. Construction is .155 thick tanned and black dyed Moroccan style genuine cow leather, just like the originals. ALICE retaining plate on the reverse side is secured by copper tabs, not as slickly finished as the brass tabs were on the original Boyts, but good enough. Flap stud, instead of being brass like the originals, is glossy black anodized aluminum alloy, and it’s good enough, too. Dimensions are exactly like the originals, from the top of the US marked flat to the blue steel eyelet that holds its genuine leather leg string strap. The 1911 Nickel Government and its Grip Frame that shows in some of our photos is not included and not for sale; it was a tribute to our late proprietor who also, by the way, was made in 1911; and who did very well until his death shortly after his 98th Birthday. We’re offering these excellent Replica holsters, the ones in the photos or their identical mates, each for only $ 36.00. $3 Lower 48 First Class Mail; $10 Priority to AK HI PR. Buy 3 Ships Free: Combine any 3 of our items, and get free shipping. Lower 48 only, excludes long gun barrels and gun cases.
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