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Mossberg .308 MVP Flex 18 inch Medium Barrel Fluted Flex M4 CAR type Collapsible Stock AR15 Magazines Exc Factory Demo 27751

Photos are generic, but buyer will receive a virtually identical 27751 MVP .308 Flex® Rifle from the same Shipment. Here is the most sensible bolt act...

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AK47 .22 LR Clone Armscor Rock Island Armory AK22 18 inch threaded barrel AK-47 Copy on 550 Remington Action 22 Long Rifle. 51121

Here is the original AK-47 trainer introduced during the Reagan Era, and wildly popular during the Bush Sr / Clinton Ban Years. This AK-22 is manufact...

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Kel-Tec 9mm Carbine Sub 2000 Beretta 92 Magazine Compatible NIB Generation 2 SUB2K9BRTA92BBLKHC Blued/Black Grip 00434 Threaded Muzzle Mag & Ammo Offer

Restrictions apply on semi auto carbine sales to civilians in several jurisdictions, so please read this entire ad carefully before bidding or offerin...

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DPMS .223 model A-15 Panther Oracle 16 inch Muzzle Brake True Flattop AR15 M16 M4 CAR type D.P.M.S. Forward Bolt Assist NIB 31 Shot 60531 RFA3OC

Here is D.P.M.S.’s A-15 Oracle rifle in .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO Caliber. Manufacturer and warrantor is Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, ...