FEG 9HP P9M Browning 1935 Hi-Power Type Israeli Mishteret Issue Century Arms Import Good 14 round 1 Magazine


Photos are representative, but buyer will receive a substantially identical pistol to the ones in the photos, as good as they are. This listing is for ONE pistol. Dealers, departments, and collectors, however, may take any number of very similar pistols we have on hand at the same per-gun price and with no additional shipping charges. Here is as close as most of us will ever get to having a Browning 1935 Hi-Power Pistol. This is FEG's tribute to the Hi-Power, close enough that most parts will interchange. Actual Manufacturer was Fegyver- és Gépgyártó Részvénytársaság, English translation Arms and Machine Manufacturing Company, or simply FEG, of Csepei, Republic of Hungary. From these pistol's serial number ranges, they were all manufactured from the mid 1980s up until the late 1990s. All of them were issued to the Mishteret Y’Israel, the Israeli Civilian Police. Original slide markings read Parabellum cal. 9mm / Made in Hungary – FEG – Budapest. Added Importer markings beneath in compliance with the 1968 Gun Control Act Markings read, Made in Hungary / FEG Mdl. P9M 9mm / C.A.I. Georgia Vt., or something very similar. All serial number are matching; occasionally, Century arms will put a reiterated frame number with a V suffix. Recent Importer into the US, then, was Century Arms of Georgia, VT. Type is John M. Browning design 1935 hammer fired, locked breech single action semi automatic pistol. Caliber is THE 9mm, 9mm Luger, 9x19, 9mm Parabellum, call it what you will. Construction is entirely steel metal. Barrel is one piece 118 mm or 4 5/8 inch, 1:9.75 right-hand-twist 6 groove. Slide is contoured muzzle with rear serrations and integral bushing. Sights are stake on front low profile blade, and matching black notch dovetailed rear that is drift adjustable for windage only. Trigger is .265 smooth faced combat, with matching round serrated Commander type hammer. Trigger pulls two stage at 7 pounds vicinity, with minimal felt creep and overtravel. Main safety is low profile left side, for right handed shooter, engages on half cock or full cock, and serves as a disassembly catch as well. Magazine safety ensures that the pistol will Not fire single shot without a magazine in battery. Magazine will be Department Issue FEG, FN, or Mec-Gar, holds 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Slide thickness is .876 at the port; overall length is 7 3/4 inches, and height is 5 1/4 inches. Weight empty is 33 ounces with center of gravity at the breech face. Grips are factory FEG checkered walnut. Metal finish is polished surface blue. Surface detractions are moderate to extensive, principally etchy texture at places to the left side and grip frame. Apart from that, there is even wear with substantial finish loss on the grip frame. We rate this Hi-Power and its mates as Good, 70 percent vicinity by our estimate. Photos, at any rate, ought to suffice so that our distinguished shoppers can judge finish grade for themselves. Bore, chamber, and mechanism are all bright, clean, and clear. Most likely this pistol will require throating before it will feed sharp-nosed hollowpoint ammo; that was the case with even FN Hi-Powers made up until about 1988. We have test fired each one with 5 rounds of ball ammunition. We’re offering this collectable, serviceable Hungarian – Israeli – Vermont – Tennessee Hi-Power clone, or its virtually identical mates, each for only $ 269.00. Not transferable to civilian residents of California or Massachusetts. Civilian buyers in Connecticut, District of Colombia, Hawaii, and Maryland will receive new 10 round Mec-Gar Magazine instead of the original issue FEG Mag. Add any number of new Mec-Gar OEM 10 round blue steel magazines only $16 each, and no extra shipping charges; or add any number of new HFC Asian blue steel 13 round mags, same low price and deal. Add a new set of Surya walnut checkered grips, similar to factory, only $23 each set. Add a Surya leather WWII replica German Holster only $29.
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