Grip Adapter Sleeve fits Smith & Wesson 5906 Magazines to 6906 guns 59 69 5900 6900 Black Polymer Puts Big 59 Mags onto Models 469 669 6904 6946 Buy 3 Ships Free!


Shoppers please note that the Magazine is Not included in this listing, only the adapter. This listing is for ONE grip adapter assembly. This does NOT include any magazine. We have magazine photos to assist with assembly. Here is our own sleeve type adapter that makes a full size 5906 or 5900 type Smith & Wesson magazine fit the venerable 6906 or 6900 type Smith & Wesson Metal Frame Compact 9mms; they work perfectly on the older 469 and 669 Mini S&Ws as well. These will work on any magazine, factory, Mec-Gar, or others, from 10 rounders all the way up to the Mec-Gar seventeens. They do Not help with twenty rounders. We are the exclusive distributor for these sleeves. Construction is one piece injection molded hard black polymer with left side set screw. These are relatively easy to install, just slide the adapter over the top of the magazine with the finger rest facing its front strap or facing toward the muzzle, and tighten the set screw on the left side with the allen wrench that is included. These adapters were designed for Smith & Wesson alloy frame compact double stacked pistols, including models 469, 669, 6904, 6906, 6924, 6926, and 6976. They will also work on 4000 series magazines, 4006 and 4003 mags, to fit into some variants of the 4013TSW and similar; the .40 compacts, though, have to be the ones capable of accepting double stacked magazines, not the single stacked ones like the old 4013 variants. We’re offering them each for only $ 12.00.
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