Astra Spain .38 Special Police model Large Frame Revolver 6 Shot 3 inch Blue Steel 2 Sets of Grips Good - VG 1985-86 Guernica Vitoria Basque Municipal Police Issue +P OK


Photos are generic, but buyer will received a very similar revolver as good as the one in the photos, and from the same Department. Aqui esta un revolver excelente, la modelo Astra Police. From their E2 and F2 Spanish date codes, they were all manufactured in 1985 or in 1986. Manufacturer was Astra Unceta y Compania de Guernica (de España). These revolvers and their mates served with the Policia Municipal de Vitoria, attest the PMV Markings. Importer markings are inconspicuous on the barrel shroud bottom, and Astra .38 Spl. on one cylinder chamber. Other markings are original Spanish proofs and date code. Type is traditional double and single action swing out cylinder revolver. Frame is Large N size, .655 lateral thickness with 1.773 cylinder length and 1.571 cyl. diameter, amply strong enough to withstand pressure from +P ammunition. Grip frame is square butt with radiused back strap. Construction is entirely steel metal and original, but blemished, Spanish walnut grips. Chambering is .38 Smith & Wesson Special, with 6 round cylinder capacity. Barrel is one piece 3 inch medium with integral pin shroud, pinned into the frame, with right hand 1:16 rifling. Front sight is steel step blade, double pinned onto solid serrated rib, with frame integral fixed notch rear sight. Cylinder capacity is 6 rounds. Ignition is .475 long serrated spur flat face hammer against floating firing pin, with a .350 smooth faced combat trigger. Frame is distinctive Astra five screw, with spring loaded yoke release screw and four screw side plate. Overall length is 8 3/8 inches by 5 1/4 inches height. Weight empty is 37 1/2 ounces, with center of gravity at the trigger. Finish is blued steel, with worn case colored hammer and trigger. Issue grips are blemished, so we are including new set of Hogue 10000 grips that fit fairly well, total of two grips with each revolver. The grips will accommodate a 10A or 586A Speedloader. Surface detractions on this Astra Police model are moderate, principally edge wear, moderate finish freckling, toning to the hammer and grip frame back strap, and lateral finish wear to the cylinder surface. We rate it as Good, perhaps Very Good, 70 percent vicinity by our estimate, but photos ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. Bore, cylinder chambers and mechanism are all bright and clean. Blast effect to the top strap underside above the forcing cone is minimal, and cylinder face carbon is only moderate. Cylinder times correctly in all six positions both double and single action, with hammer movement to spare. It has no lateral play whatsoever with the trigger fully depressed. Cylinder face to forcing cone gap measures .005 to .006. Double action trigger pull is smooth 11 pound vicinity, with crisp 4 pound vicinity single action pull. We estimate this revolver has been fired fewer than 500 times, no rounds at all for an Astra. Astra revolvers were the best among their Spanish made peers. Replacement pricing on the only comparable revolver of Spanish descent, the Taurus 82, is $471; the Taurus has a smaller frame, and has not been available in 3 inch for several years. We’re offering the Spanish Original Astra in the photos, however, or their substantially identical mates, each with two sets of grips, for only $ 239.00. Not transferable to civilian residents of California, District of Colombia, Maryland, or Massachusetts. Manuales de instrucciones están disponibles en stevespages com pdf astra_cadix.
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