Smith & Wesson .38 Special Model 10-11 Blue Magnum K Frame Round Butt 4 inch Heavy Barrel 1998 Pre Lock Very Good Imitation Ivory Grips 100125 Montreal Police Department


Photos are representative. Buyers, however, will receive a revolver as good as the one in the photos, with the same identical features. From duty with the Service de Police de Montréal, Montreal Police Department in English, comes this batch of attractive Smith & Wesson .38 Military & Police revolvers. Their numbered model is 10, 11th Engineering change. From their CCS-CCZ serial number prefix, and from identically numbered mates we received new at the time, they were all manufactured in 1998. Each one bears an import stamp under the muzzle on the barrel. Type is traditional double and single action service revolver. Construction is entirely steel metal, with replacement polymer grip panels. Barrel is one piece 4 inch Heavy Barrel 1:18.75 five groove right hand rifling. Sights are barrel integral serrated ramp front, and frame integral fixed notch rear. Frame is K Magnum type, attest the reinforcement bar on the left side frame. Grip frame is K Round. Cylinder capacity is 6 rounds of .38 Special, interchangeably with +P ammunition. Safety is internal transfer bar, this revolver was made three years before the internal lock was marketed. Ignition is flat hammer face against floating firing pin. Trigger and hammer are MIM Case Colored .312 smooth face service trigger with .265 serrated spur hammer. Grips are modern style K Round Imitation Ivory Polymer, with checkered panels and medallions. Finish is Polished surface laterals and lowers, with matte surface blued uppers. This 10-11’s surface detractions are moderate, principally lateral holster wear, occasional freckling, and toning to the trigger and hammer. We rate this 10 and its mates as Very Good Condition, 75 to 80 percent vicinity by our estimate. Photos, at any rate, should suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. Bore, cylinder chambers, and mechanism are all bright, clean, and excellent. Top strap forcing cone impress is minimal, an etchy line that traverses 3/4 of the width of the top strap as the photos show. Cylinder face to forcing cone gap are all .005 - .008; and these facts, coupled with the moderate blue wear to the ejector rod, indicates to us that this revolver has not undergone very much firing, certainly not with +P rounds. Double action trigger pull is smooth and consistent; hammer will travel an additional 5 to 10 degrees on all six positions in double action after the cylinder times into place. On single action, the hammer travels an additional 20 to 30 degrees on all six after timing. The single action trigger pull is a crisp and original 4 pounds vicinity. Lateral play to the cylinder is minimal, no more than 1/2 mm total. Replacement pricing on a current production model 10 classic is $739 on smith-wesson com, and we think this is a better revolver. We're offering this Neighbourly Canadian Issue Model 10-11 with Heavy One Piece Barrel, or one of its virtually identical mates, each for only $ 329.00 Not transferable to civilian residents of California or Massachusetts. Search terms Montreal PD will bring up all our SPM model 10s on this venue. Not transferable to civilian residents of California or Massachusetts. Add a Matte Black, Gloss Black or Polished Aluminum Tyler T Grip for $33.00 each. Add a Triple-K Secret Agent Right Hand Belt Slide Holster for $36.00. Add a G&G Federal Man police issued Left hand holster for $24.00 and no extra shipping.
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