Smith & Wesson M&P40C .40 S&W Compact 15+1 Option NIB 2 Magazines 307303 = Civilian 109303


This listing is for one pistol and the buyer’s choice of 2 magazines. 2 factory new 10rd magazines, 1 flat plat and 1 finger rest = $359.00 1 factory new 10rd flat plate magazine and 1 used 15rd with sleeve = $359.00 Here is Smith & Wesson's pocket rocket concealed carry pistol chambered in the .40 S&W caliber, the M&P 40C. It is S&W’s competitor to the Glock 23. Photo specimen and its mates are Law Enforcement pistols released to the civilian market due to overstock. S&W Part number is 307303, exactly the same pistol as civilian number 109303. Manufacturer and Warrantor is Smith & Wesson of Springfield, MA. Type is striker fired semi automatic pistol. Construction is stainless steel barrel and slide, steel internal parts assembled into a steel reinforced Zytel® polymer frame with Zytel rear slide plate and external trigger assembly. Finish is black Melonite metal and stippled surface Zytel frame. Chambering is .40 S&W caliber. Barrel is 3 1/2 inch with 5 groove right hand 1:18.75 rifling. Unlike its German and Austrian competitors, the M&P 40 will readily digest lead bullets and even steel case cartridges. Sights are dovetailed front and rear, three white dot, drift adjustable for windage only, with a 5 3/4 inch sight radius. Frame incorporates a two slot Picatinny rail for lights and laser accessories. Trigger is two piece .300 smooth face, pulls every shot with a very consistent 6.5 pound pull that only travels .300 inches from rest to fire and resets in only .14 inches. This M&P 40C has a trigger safety and a firing pin safety. It does Not have a manually operated safety, and it Will fire single shot without any magazine. We are furnishing it with the usual two magazines, a flat plate 10 rounder and an extended finger rest 10 rounder, so fully loaded capacity 10+1 rounds. This Compact M&P 40 will accept any S&W Factory Magazine for the full size M&P 40, that is, 15 rounders, only the longer magazines will protrude from the grip frame. Overall length is 6.7 inches from the muzzle to the grip frame strut; 4 1/4 inch height with a flat plate magazine and 4 3/4 inch height with finger rest magazine. Weight empty, no magazine, is 22 ounces with center of gravity at the breech face. Weight fully loaded will be a bit over 33 ounces. Each M&P 40 C is brand new, and comes in its factory hard shell case with protective padding, protective papers, cable lock, instruction manual, safety manual, NRA card, and factory registration card. The M&P series takes all comers for ease of handling, positive feel, and reliability and consistency under the most adverse field and combat situations. It has smoother lines and more versatility than its arch competitor Glock 23. Replacement pricing on smith-wesson com is $569. Normal dealer cost for any standard or compact M&P 40 is $425.00. We’re offering the M&P 40C in the photos, however, or one of its identical mates, with a total of two new factory magazines, each for only $ 359.00. 2% discount if payment is with USPS Money Order & Not credit card. Any ammunition or personnel showing in our photos are Not included. Add 125 rounds, 5 Boxes, Remington Gold Saber Hollowpoint at $17.80 per box, $89 freight paid with gun purchase; add 250 rounds, 5 Boxes, Prvi .40 180 JHP brass case ammo, $17.80 / Box, $89 freight paid with gun purchase, lower 48 only while supplies last. Add any number used 15 round full size M&P .40 Mags, $19 each and no extra shipping, while supplies last & only to states where they are civilian legal. Add any number of used 15rd fullsize mag with Pachmayr grip extender for $28.00 each
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