Kahr .45 ACP CM 45 Stainless Packed 3 3/8 inch Barrel 6 shot NIB CM-45 CT4543 1 Magazine Adaptable for Colt Officer or Government Magazines


The Kahr CM45, writes the factory, has the combination of features that makes it the best concealed carry pistol in the market. It has the ideal combination of stopping power and shooting comfort, and is smaller, slimmer and lighter than competitive brands. Manufacturer and warrantor is Kahr Arms of Worcester, MA. Construction is stainless steel barrel, slide, and steel internal parts fitted into a high impact polymer frame. The CM45 is a striker fired semi automatic compact pistol. It is full time double action, with 3/4 inches of trigger travel, and with a 5 1/2 pound vicinity smooth pull on every shot. Chambering is .45 ACP, and the magazine holds 5 rounds, 5+1 capacity. The CM45’s magazine is dimensionally close to a 1911 Government Mag, Colt Gov’t and Officer sized mags can be fitted with only a little work. Government magazines will protrude from the grip frame, of course. Barrel is 3 3/8 inch nickel plated stainless, 1:16 six groove right hand twist, with Kahr’s innovative offset injection setup. Sights are stake on white dot front and dovetailed white bar rear black sights. Weight is 20.2 ounces empty, with center of gravity at the trigger pin. Maximum frame thickness is .990 inch; overall maximum length 6 1/4 inches; maximum height 4 3/4 inches with magazine in battery; .400 satin stainless smooth combat trigger. Each Kahr CT45 comes in its factory box with protective padding, gun lock, instruction manual, factory registration card, advertising flyer, hang tag, chamber protector, and a total of One magazine. Replacement pricing on kahr com is $460. We’re offering the .45 ACP Kahr CM4543 in the photos, however, or one of its identical mates, for only $ 289.00. Not transferable to civilian residents of California or Massachusetts. 2 % discount if payment is with USPS Money Order & Not Credit Card. Any ammunition, personnel, or magazines showing in our photos are not included. Add any number of Act-Mag Italian Blue Steel 8 Shot Colt Government magazines for $19 each or 7 Shot Officer's ACP Magazines, only $19 a piece with no extra shipping charges [fitting required]. . Add a Galoc Tuc-N-Go IWB holster for $23.00. Add a Triple-K Secret Agent Right Hand Belt Slide Holster for $36.00 and no extra shipping.
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