CZ-75D 9mm CZ75 Compact 91190 type Decocker Steel Frame 1999 Israeli Mishteret Police 15 shot 1 Magazine Lanyard Good Polycoat


Photos are representative, but buyer will receive a same year equal grade pistol to the photo specimen, from the same department. From service with the Israeli Civilian Police, the Mishteret Y'Israel, comes this CZ75D Compact Steel Frame Pistol with Decocker. This pistol solves the problem of having to discontinue a firing session by letting the hammer down onto a live round manually with the trigger. The decocking lever performs that function much more safely. Manufacturer was CZ, Ceská zbrojovka a.s. of the city Uherský Brod, Czech Republic. 1999 date stamp is beside the extractor on the slide, sixth year of production for the compact. Importer stamp is on the left side of the frame. Type is traditional double and single action, locked breech, hammer fired, metal framed pistol with decocking lever. Chambering is 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9x19, call it what you will, THE 9mm. Construction is entirely renowned Czech Poldi Steel, with rubber grips, and with polymer cartridge follower. Barrel is 3 3/4 inches, with six groove right hand 1: 9.7 rifling. The CZ75 is well known for digesting any kind of ammunition, from lead bullet reloads to steel case Russian to +P Federal Premium Hydra Shok. Slide is beveled front, serrated rear laterals with external extractor. Sights are steel slotted and pinned front, and dovetailed rear with 3 dot refills, on a 5 1/4 inch sight radius. Smooth faced .315 combat trigger yields a smooth, consistent double action trigger pull of 1 1/8 inch distance. Single action trigger is two stage, with 1/3 inch travel; and it gauges at 5 pounds with moderate felt creep. The .235 wide serrated Commander type hammer has a half cock position for double action carry. Decocking lever is left side mounted for right handed shooters; it returns the hammer to half cock at any point during a firing session, unlike the more awkward standard lever CZ75. This pistol also has a firing pin safety. Magazine is Mec-Gar, flush fit steel plate 14 rounder, 14+1 fully loaded capacity. The CZ75 Compact will accept and function with any CZ75 magazine, and we had them in 10, 15, and 16 round factory and Mec-Gar at press time on this ad. Grips are factory black hard polymer. Overall length is 7 1/4 inches from muzzle to strut end. 1.004 frame thickness at the port is less than its alloy frame siblings. Height is 5 3/16 inches. Weight empty is 33 ounces centered at the slide stop. Finish is black Poly coat. Surface detractions on this CZ are moderate, principally holster wear and substantial wear to the grip frame. Left grip panel has been modified to install a lanyard stud, standard equipment for Israeli police. We classify this pistol and its mates as Good, 70 percent vicinity by our estimate. Photos, at any rate should suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. We estimate it has been fired fewer than 1000 times, no rounds at all for a CZ. Bore, chamber, and mechanism are all clean and clear. This pistol comes in its importer box with id tags, trigger lock, and chamber protector. The steel frame compact decocker is not normally available in the United States. Replacement pricing for the lever safety CZ75B Compact 91190 is $544 on czusa com. We’re offering the CZ 75D Compact in the photos, however, or one of its same grade mates, each for only $ 359.00. Not transferable to civilians in California, the District of Colombia, or Massachusetts. Add any number of new Mec-Gar 10 or 16 round CZ75 Full Size magazines only $23 each and no additional shipping charges.
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